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PhD or Doctor of Philosophy is the highest level of degree that can be achieved by a student. Many people apply for PhD after their Master’s degree. However, some institute also provides the opportunity to get this esteemed degree after bachelor’s degree. A large number of students from India go abroad to get a PhD degree in Marketing field. We will share several important aspects in this article for the Indian students related to PhD degree in the Marketing field from a foreign institute.

What is the Duration for completing a PhD in Marketing?

Getting a PhD in marketing generally takes three to five year. In the first couple of years students complete their coursework. Students spend most of their time in research and dissertation from third year onwards. They also get teaching assignments where they teach some academic courses. Students receive a stipend during this period. Students also need to perform well in the exams so that they can successfully complete their PhD within the course period.

Fee For the PhD in Marketing Program

Fee for PhD in Marketing depends on your study destination. However, in most of the PhD programs, students get financial support from the institution in terms of scholarships, assistantship and many other resources. Students also receive a stipend if they continue to meet program requirements. So, students don’t need to worry about the financial burden which can range anywhere from 5,000 to 15,000 USD annually because they get many resources to fulfill their financial needs.

Eligibility and Applying for a PhD in Management

Having a master’s degree will help you to be eligible for PhD but it’s not compulsory. However, exceptional coursework records would be required if you don’t have a Master’s degree. Academic performance and letters of recommendation play an important role in securing admission in a foreign university. You would also be required to perform well in tests like GRE or GMAT along with an English proficiency test to secure admission in a top ranked university.

You should do all the homework before applying because it will improve your chances of getting a good supervisor. Choose a supervisor who has experience in your area of interest. It would be great to have some prior research experience otherwise; your proposal should be strong enough to earn an admission at your preferable institute. It is recommended that you should begin communication with the faculty very early because there are limited seats for PhD in most of the foreign institutes.

Salary after PhD in Marketing

You will get a decent salary package after doing a PhD in Marketing. However, your salary depends highly on the factors like geography and experience in the field. Following is the list of average annual salaries of people who have a PhD degree.

Jobs After PhD Average Salary ($) per annum
 Market Research Analyst 111,440
Associate Marketing Professor 114,500
Professors in Marketing 146,500
Marketing Doctorate Fresher 114,100

Source: AACSB Salary Survey Report, BLS

Research Topics

There are a large number of research topics available if you want to pursue a PhD in Marketing from abroad. The most popular topics are consumer and marketing ethics, consumer buying behavior, branding and brand equity, marketing strategy making, and international marketing. Some institutions also offer topics like cross-cultural buyer-seller relationships and green marketing & advertising. However, the selection of a research topic will depend on your interest in a particular field.

Jobs after PhD in Marketing

After completing PhD in the Marketing field, students get various career options. Most of the students who complete their PhD in marketing field successfully are offered various teaching positions in reputed institutes globally. However, the industry also has a large demand for PhD holders. They are being used by the leading companies due to their high-quality skills in the marketing field. Therefore, if you don’t want a career in the academic field then you can also explore the opportunities in the industry or government field.


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