Restore GMAT Score Within 60 Days

Now the GMAT aspirants can take a deep breath of relief and satisfaction as they can restore their canceled GMAT score within a span of 60 days.

One can reinstate the canceled GMAT score by paying US$50 (additional $10 fee will be applicable if reinstated by phone). To reinstate the canceled GMAT score either you have to login into GMAT accounts created at, or you can call the customer care cell. The validity of the reinstated score remains up to 4 years 11 months.

Gaurav Srivastava, director, South Asia region, GMAC, said, “This will enable candidates to prep better if they want to take the test again,” Even if the GMAT test takers wish to retake the GMAT test, they are eligible to do so after 16 days from the date when they took the test. Earlier this gap was 30 days, and they have to submit the fee of US$ 250. GMAC has reduced this to give the students to toss the opportunity of getting into 2000 business schools.

GMAC grants one more feature of Enhanced Score Report (ESR) which will now provide the summary of sections entirety, giving candidates a complete insight into what they did right and wrong.

If students don’t find the GMAT score compatible to send to the selected B-schools they can choose to immediately cancel the score. It will not be forwarded to the B-schools, and it will not be mentioned in your scorecard.

These initiatives are taken by GMAC to provide a friendly environment to GMAT aspirants and to assist the colleges in getting the most bright and talented candidates.

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