On and off question which always lingers on the minds of working professionals is “How to crack GMAT without coaching?” usually, the bold move would be to procure an international MBA degree to boom up their career and enjoy benefits and perks offered at the top management level.


In the scenario of globalization and liberalization, education has gained impeccable importance across the world and MBA is considered to be one of the highly esteemed and influential degree programs. The commitment of high remuneration and high-level designation of managerial portfolios attracts many job dwellers.

You, being a working professional have lots of commitments to fulfill and have very less time to meet your personal goals. Goals like taking GMAT Exam and pursuing MBA. Now that you intended to do so within your ‘Less Time’ criteria, the option of Online Study or any gadget based learning program is best-suited for you. It gives you the freedom of studying anytime, anywhere. You can record sessions and watch them according to your schedule.

GMAT Tablet Learning Program is one such personalized coaching for you, which is provided by BYJU’s – The Learning App. All the relevant topics of GMAT are covered in this gadget in the form of video lectures. The process of visual learning, not only promotes creative teaching method, but also reinforces the learning activity where the student, easily grasp the topic and can easily and prominently retain in his brain for a longer time.

The main feature of this program, is that they are easy to access and highly efficient in solving and discussing verbal, quant or any reasoning questions of GMAT. It allows rectification and modifications which can be embedded time-to-time. For a demo, you can take practice test in the app, namely, BYJU’s – The Learning App, which also provide Membean software with the app.

GMAT Without Coaching

There are three simple steps for it –

  1. Grab GMAT Syllabus
  2. Study (from internet, GMAT books, video lectures, join a GMAT forum)
  3. Write GMAT mock tests, analyse in which topic you are lacking behind and revise it again

In addition to it, you can create your own preparation-plan. But remember your time table must contain proportional times for each section, so do it wisely. You are well aware about your weaknesses, so it is essential to control your weak nerves by a focused study schedule. You may not repent much if give-up your weekend fun as much as you think, it directly saves you money, energy and time which can be utilized in your studies. There are three steps to succeed in GMAT –

  1. Make a study plan and stick to it.
  2. Now that you have a gadget in your hand as a study material, you have the liberty to go for flexible study time but never let this slow down your preparation.
  3. Apart from this, give online GMAT mock test time to time so that you analyse where you stand in your GMAT preparation.

Mock tests are your best friends for two reasons:  (i) It provides you the experience of actual exam-time situation; (ii) it makes you familiar with high-order thinking questions & solving them in limited time.

Choose Your GMAT Books wisely

Your selection of books should be authentic and precise. Do not choose random books to study as they may irk or confuse you and may eat up your time in solving irrelevant problems. You should prefer GMAT books available at the official site of GMAT.


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